Mordialloc Residence

Is there anything better than a residential courtyard in need of a colour boost? Nope. There aint! Especially when the owner is a relaxed plant lover who knew exactly what she wanted from the get go. Sarah messaged me with images of inspiration, I pulled them apart - put them back together and came up with this simple, graphic mural that marks the beginning of a backyard renovation.

selection of paint pots, digital drawing of garden inspired mural
black fence mid mural half sketched, half painted

Day 1: Gridding out the fence that has been pre-prepped with a charcoal base (Ace of Spades). Having the prep already done not only save time but also saves money. If you are thinking about a mural in your yard - think about the surface it is painted on - is rendered? The paint takes longer to apply and absorb, due to its texture.  Brick wall = longer painting time, easier to design on due to grid like nature. A raw fence is also highly absorbent, having it pre-painted with a primer makes the surface ready to go. Obviously, the raised side of a fence means more detailing to get the design to sit on the raised edges - but is totally doable.

artist mid mural painting, green monstera leavesoutdoor fence mural featuring pink, green and yellow leaves

 Day 2: Fill in the gaps, touch up the edges, wash off the stencil & done!