About Hey! Nice Murals

two images, one with handful of paintbrushes infront of graphic pink wall, one oimage of brunette standing infront of pink door on street looking to the right.


Hey! Nice Murals is a female-led business that enhances everyday life through colour, transforming spaces, indoors and out - big and small, for all to enjoy. Coming to life in 2020, Hey! Nice Murals was created by Shannon Lamden off the backbone of 20 years in the design industry - bringing together her vast experience in graphic design, illustration and pattern making with her love of painting.  As a commercial artist, her style is varied + ever-changing depending on the client's brief, using her experience, versatility + adaptability to ensure the clients' vision is represented.

Much like fabric design, graphic design and the illustration work she has done in the past as a freelance designer - creating murals designs for indoor + outdoor spaces comes very naturally. Hey! Nice Murals is all about turning a simple wall into a piece of art that you will love. Every mural painted is designed to bring beauty, life and happiness back into our homes through shape and colour, creating an emotional connection to the four walls you have chosen for your home. 

Brunette standing infront of aqua coloured door holding handful of paintbrushes with a silver ring that is says salty
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After spending so much of our time indoors, who wouldn't want to beautify their space? Who wouldn't want a feature that represents their personality, the personality of their home - a mural that can bring happiness and joy to their life swell as helping them fall in love with their home again? Time to reach out to Hey! Nice Murals, a small business that will work with you to create an original mural for your home that is affordable, colourful + modern.